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Built-In Furniture

We offer a diverse array of different services to compose the look of your home, refine your workspace and strengthen the value of your real estate. Large home accents refinished in a unique and artistic way can make a huge impact on the decoration of your home. Built in shelving units, bars and home offices can generally be refinished in place, however large pieces of furniture that can be moved or taken apart can be finished or refinished in our shop.

Should your needs require a custom built-in, freestanding furniture, or the addition of millwork or carved accents, the local carpenters and carvers we collaborate with are industry professionals, able to craft anything you can imagine. We also have access to a large assortment of ready-built, unfinished furniture pieces that can be custom finished per your specifications. Accents such as custom glasswork, ironwork, and hardware can be designed and created locally as well.

At The Hacienda Collection we have respect for the wood, as we have respect for our clients, which is why the finishing materials we use in your living space have reduced chemicals and fumes that meet EPA Clean Air standards. These Low-VOC, HAPs compliant products are not only better for the environment and indoor air quality, but are also top of the line in caliber and longevity. We offer over one thousand samples of hues and tints for you to choose from, and can custom match any color you desire.

We stay on the cutting edge of trends in design and finishing technologies by researching new products and procedures, and paying attention to global design trends in both the domestic and industrial sector ensuring our ability to produce whatever our client desires. From entertainment centers to office decor, bars to credenzas, our experts will help your personality shine through your décor and make a statement.