Wood Finishing Products : Our Material & Tool Suppliers

At The Hacienda Collection, we use only the best wood finishing products materials and tools for our Finishing, Refinishing and Maintenance services. Due to the different and varied needs of our clients, we consider aesthetics, logistics, and client preference when custom matching each project with the most appropriate finishing systems.

Every job requires its own unique formula of stains, lacquers, varnishes, glazes, and sealers.With the addition of solvents, UV coatings and a myriad of special effects now available, we require using products from 3 industry leaders: M.L. Campbell, ICA, and Chemcraft.

M.L. Campbell provides many Greenguard certified formaldehyde and isocyanate free water borne and solvent free low VOC products.

Chemcraft produces many eco-friendly choices containing no formaldehyde and low in volatile organic compounds.

ICA, the first European wood coatings manufacturer to achieve the Environmental Management System ISO 14001 certification. ICA began as an Italian company before branching out to the States. Not only do their products meet or exceed American environmental standards, their water based coatings have been recognized by the European Union’s LIFE program.

We shop locally to maintain a constant dialogue and professional relationship with our distributors, who in turn keep us aware of new and improved products and procedures.We appreciate the knowledgeable staff, product selection and above and beyond customer service at Pinellas Paint and CabinetWare.

CabinetWare:When the job requires M.L. Campbell products, we require CabinetWare. Their knowledge of M.L. Campbell products and helpful customer service ensures order accuracy and keeps us current with new products.
Their extensive lines of hardware offer a multitude of different style and finish choices for both doors and cabinets. CabinetWare also offers drawer, shelving, and lighting options, and much more.

M.L. Campbell Products Available At CabinetWare

Pinellas Paint & Industrial Finishes, Inc.:For our ICA and Chemcraft products, the only choice is Pinellas Paint. Their expertise with the various different coatings and finishing products ICA America and Chemcraft have to offer makes Pinellas Paint’s associates an invaluable ally. Fast, friendly service is always delivered at Pinellas Paint.

ICA Products Available At Pinellas Paint & Industrial Finishe, Inc.

Chemcraft Products Available At Pinellas Paint & Industrial Finishe, Inc.