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Wood Finishing Doors Gallery & Information:


Please enjoy looking through our Exterior and Interior Door photo galleries to see examples of our finishing, refinishing and maintenance work. Our Before and After photos are a great way to visualize what a difference refinishing and maintenance can make on the doors in your home, and our Exterior and Interior Custom Door Options slideshows give examples of some possibilities for you to consider when choosing the design of your custom doors


Exterior & Interior Door Options:



The process of refinishing doors and cabinets begins with removal. Entryways are boarded with custom-fit plywood and 2×4’s. Kitchens and bathrooms are covered as needed. Built-in pieces including transoms and sidelights are finished in place. Glass is covered securely and hardware is removed. Then we fully strip, sand and wash the wood, removing any existing varnish and chemicals.
We then begin our custom finishing process according to our client’s specifications. Our “Techniques Blog” offers detailed descriptions of each of the various luster and finish options we offer. Once the finishing process is complete, polished hardware is replaced or new hardware is added and doors are reinstalled.

Onsite Maintenance:

Onsite maintenance is a similar but less intensive process that safeguards life & appearance. Done in place, precautions are taken to ensure a quick and clean experience. We provide free expert consultations to best determine which process is appropriate. An initial refinish & regular maintenance schedule with The Hacienda Collection ensures the longevity of your investment.

Luster Options:

  • FLAT: Has a matte sheen for an austere appearance.
  • SATIN: Has a soft luster & warm, pearl-like finish.
  • SEMI GLOSS: Reflects light for a bright, shiny facade.
  • HIGH GLOSS: High sheen makes wood features illustrious.

Finish Options:

  • Fine Finishes: We create a smooth surface with consistent color for a sleek and contemporary look.
  • Distressed Finishes: We use multiple combined techniques to hand age and antique pieces, creating vintage styles.
  • Hand-Glazed Accents: Such as pinstripes & profiling, or the addition of iridescence creates unique features.

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