Antiquing Wood Techniques

Antiquing Wood Techniques:

Antiquing blends the techniques of distressing with the addition of a layered finish, mixing stain, varnish or paint, and glaze, and rub-through procedures to achieve a time-worn, heirloom look. To begin antiquing a piece, corners and edges are softened and worn along with various distress marks hand applied throughout the piece. A base stain and varnish or paint are applied and then rubbed-through in places to give dimension to the wear. Glaze is hand sprayed or brushed and wiped to accentuate markings. Crackle may be used to simulate age, special effects and air-brushing techniques may be used as well. The process of sanding to glazing will be repeated as needed to achieve the desired style.

Semi-transparent glaze can be hand sprayed, brushed or wiped on to surfaces for added depth and dimension or for a unique gradient effect. Hand applied and wiped glaze remaining mostly along profiles and in corners creates a shadow effect, but can also accentuate gauges and cracks. Dry-brushing spotlights the hand brushed strokes popular in American coastal and shabby-chic design styles, or meticulously applied tints can highlight carved accents or frieze moldings popular in more Mediterranean vintage motifs.

Rub-through involves sanding or rubbing the finish to recreate the wear caused by time and handling. Our artisans can achieve any level of age, from a light burnish, to exposing underlying layers of previous color, or down to the natural wood for a truly vintage appearance.

At The Hacienda Collection, we appreciate the necessity to stay on the cusp of “Green” technology. That’s why we use top-quality HAPs compliant stains, sealers and topcoats that are better for the environment without compromising the longevity of your finish or the natural beauty and character of the wood grain. With over 1,000 basic color samples to choose from, and our expert ability to mix and layer colors and techniques, any pigment or luster can be produced or matched. We remain on the cutting edge by exploring new procedures and products, and paying attention to design trends around the globe to maintain our ability to produce whatever our client can imagine.


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